There is one kind of ad that always stand out among the traditional advertising, such as tv commercials, magazine ads and billboards, and it always make me look twice: the street advertising.

Have you ever stumbled across one of these brilliant art and couldn't help stopping by for a couple of seconds thinking what incredible idea the art directors had?

These 21 examples of street ads are some of the best and most creative ideas I've ever seen!

1) The Sprite’s Beach Shower

1) The Sprite’s beach shower

2) Mcdonald's Crossing

2) Mcdonald's crossing

3) Nike - Keep Running

3) Nike - keep running

4) IBM Giving You A Reason To Sit

4) IBM giving you a reason to sit

5) Brightening People’s Minds - The Economist

5) Brightening people’s minds - The Economist

6) Super Man Elevator

6) Super Man elevator

7) The Copenhagen Zoo, Keeping It Real

7) The Copenhagen Zoo, keeping it real

8) Escalator Art - Homer Eating Donuts For The Simpsons Movie Launch

8) Escalator Art - Homer eating donuts for The Simpsons movie launch

9) Ariel Can Whiten Everything

9) Ariel can whiten everything

10) Try Watches On Your Way To Work? IWC Schaffhausen

10) Try watches on your way to work?  IWC Schaffhausen

11) Coca Cola - I Am Feeling Thirsty For Some Reason...

11) Coca Cola - I Am Feeling Thirsty For Some Reason...

12) Mars. Keep In Mind The Truck Is Not Soft As It Looks

12) Mars. Keep in mind the truck is not soft as it looks

13) Folgers. Are They Sure This Will Make You Want Some Hot Coffee?

13) Folgers. Are they sure this will make you want some hot coffee?

14) Kit Kat Bench At Dubai - Take A Break!

14) Kit Kat Bench at Dubai - Take A Break!

15) Law & Order Billboard

15) Law & Order billboard

16) Get Them Off Your Dog

16) Get them off your dog

17) Weight Watcher Ambient

17) Weight watcher ambient

18) Vegetarian Restaurant In Switzerland.

18) Vegetarian restaurant in Switzerland.

19) Lays Potatoes

19) Lays Potatoes

20) Yellow Pages, Restaurant Found

20) Yellow Pages, restaurant found

21) Nikon D700 Billboard

21) Nikon D700 Billboard

And The Last One: Papa John’s Delivery

This is not a street ads but it's here simply because it is brilliant!

And The Last One: Papa John’s delivery

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