2015 is the Year for Long Weekends. And I definitely plan to save up enough for Doing One Awesome International Trip! Ek Saal Main Ek Foreign Vacation toh Banta Hai

I've done some solid jugaad research on 11 awesome places to travel internationally in my shoestring budget. Hope this list is helpful to you and your friends!


1. Experience The World's Uber Modern City-Dubai!

Stay: Get a Sweet pad like This One in as low as 1402 INR. Comfy for 2 people and super pocket friendly

Flights: Indigo (Bless them) will get your there & back (on time, as they promise) in just Rs. 14,576.

Stuff To Do: For the Shoppers- there are the famous markets called Souks. For the adventurous, there is the Desert Safari!

Cost for 5 Days: Rs. 30,000-Rs. 46,000. 


Must DO: Sandboarding! Yeahhhhh

Source: LonelyPlanet


2. Thailand 

From shopping to food Hopping Thailand is a near perfect destination for Indians to travel to. With beautiful serene locations to kickass nightlife , it has got a lot to offer. I haven't mentioned those super relaxing massages but I know that in your head you are already thinking about a state of calm.

Budget:– Bangkok travel packages begin from as low as 35K to 40k , which include roundway Flights , Food and lodging at a four star hotel.

Tourist Attractions:- Try "That Thai Experience" to really taste their food. Have a dip with the Elephants, visit the ornate temples and don't miss the beaches. My personal favourite-relax on the hammock with your favorite book, beer and buddy.



3. Beautiful and Breathtaking Bhutan

Getting There: It only Takes you 1900 INR and 3 hrs by cab from India!

Stay: This is the Best Part-You can do a Homestay which most travellers swear by and say is the only real way to get the culture of Bhutan! It's a matriarchal and very free society so you should not miss this different experience!

Must Do: Try this Unique concept of Dance Bars where the girls wear their modest national dress called "kira". You can get your own food from outside!

Total Cost: Around INR 10-15K (Less Than a Round Trip Flight From Mumbai-Delhi. )

Source: Thrillophilia


4. Hongkong-This City Never Sleeps!

Been craving to revisit childhood and have an energy packed holiday? There couldn't be a place better than Hongkong. And guess what ? They don't even ask for Visas man !! Hurray !!

Budget :- Packages begin from around 17k to 20k, if the trip is planned on time. There are packages that go around 25-27k which are inclusive of the Disneyland Trip.

Tourist Attractions:-  Lantau Island , Happy valley , Sai kung, Chiung Chau Island.



5. Mauritius

For all the Beach Bums out there, there can't be a better place. With white sand beaches and volcanic mountain backdrops, its an ideal place to explore.

Stay: I found this amazing apartment on AirBnb that is perfect for 2-3 people at 1500 INR each!

Tourist Attractions:- Trou D'Argent Beach, Casela Nature & Leisure Park, Ganga Talao Temple, Submarine Underwater sports.

Must Visit: The Curious Corner of Chamarel

Total Cost: INR 52-55,000



6. Nepal-Making India's Neighborhood More Serene

Getting There: 17,151 in a comfy plane ride

Stay: A good 3-4 star hotel costs anywhere around 3,700-4,000

Must Not Miss: The Thamel Market and the Boudhanatha Stupa and Pashupati Temple

7. Singapore- The Safest Place to Party Hard

Singapore is my favorite destination abroad to live a perfectly balanced life. It has everything-sports (East Coast Park), an amazing Night Life (Clarke Quay), a bustling shopping district with everything (Orchard Road) and a killer amusement park and Casino (Universal Studios and Santosa Casino)!

Flight Tix: 27,877 INR

Stay: Go for AirBnb and you can live aaram se in INR 4,000 per night. Ideal stay=4 days!

Total Budget: INR 55-60,000



8. Embrace Nature With Cambodia

From its ancient temples to its elegant capital and all the rich village life in between, Cambodia is a small country with a big soul and amazing natural beauty.

Stuff To Do: Visit the temples at Angkor Wat and go Trekking

Money Required: INR 48-58k. Ideal trip: 5 days

9. Get Lost in The Colors of Turkey

I was pleasantly surprised that an air ticket to Turkey only costs 36,000 INR with a small stopover (saving me 13,000) and this nice apartment for travellers is let out for as low as INR 1,557!

Stuff to do: Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar

Must DO: The Whirling Devrish Show in just INR 1,800

Source: Lonelyplanet


10. Egypt- Its Totally Possible in INR 70,000

What To Do in Egypt: The Pyramid of Giza, The Temple of Isis and The Nile River Cruise


Must DO: Crawl into a Pyramid!

Source: Lifescape.org


11. Vietnam- The Land of Freedom and Happiness!

Air Tickets: As low as INR 16,000.  Suggested flight from – Chennai.
Stay: If you wanna get really shoestring-you can do it in 800 bucks a day!
Stuff To Do: Yacht or Boat Cruises, Local Market Tours, Caving, Cultural Tour, Island Tours, Wildlife Tours
Place to Visit: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Mekong Delta and others



So Don't Wait-Get Packing With Your Buddies Now! Remember-a Trip With More People Makes it Fun & Also Less Expensive (Economies of Scale is finally a useful concept in Real life)

via gluebomb.com

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