Honestly, when I see my mom, my friends, or even some random aunties on the road successfully buying a pair of shoes or a handbag at 1/4th the price quoted by the shopkeeper, I'm stumped. It amazes me how much tact it takes to be able to do that like a total pro, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I really hope I'm not, because then I’d feel like an unevolved human being for not having this wonderful talent that is bargaining.

So, if you agree with the following points, you're probably in the same boat as I am:

1. Places that are famous for bargain shopping don’t make any difference to you


You’ll end up paying the price they quote, without questioning them. :(


2. When people tell you, “usse bargain kar ke lena, full price mat dena”, you get shivers




3. You are secretly jealous of how well some people can haggle


But that’s only because you’re in awe of it all.


4. Hearing people’s bargain stories annoy the hell out of you


“Maine 500 ka bag 150 mein liya Linking Road se.” OKAY THEN.


5. You have several members in your family who have the bargaining talent


Mom, aunt, and even your sister. You’re the only one who hasn’t been blessed with this gift.


6. You have tried your best to bargain with shopkeepers for things


But, you have hardly succeeded because you were the first one to give up during the process.


7. You get confused when you have to try bargaining with someone


What price should I quote? How do I tell him? *shivers*


8. Any bargaining tip people give you simply goes over your head


Seriously man. I didn’t understand the concept of pretending to walk away so that the shopkeeper stops me and agrees.


9. So, when you go to places that require bargain shopping, you take a friend along who can do it well


Thanks for being a part of my life.


10. But despite the fact that you lack this important skill, you’re thankful for the concept of sales


At least you have SOME way of saving money.


11. And you are determined to learn how to bargain like a pro


Someday. Some. Day.

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