Because selfie-sticks weren't enough, selfie-crazed people now have " selfie-shoes" to further their hobby.

Miz Mooz, a New York-based shoe-making company, has unveiled "selfie shoes." The release although coincides with April Fools' Day but appears to be completely serious.

The shoes come with smartphone docking ports and are aimed at making users "camera ready" all the time.

Users have to just insert their smartphone into the port, raise the foot to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of their toe to click a photo. The firm has thoughtfully added ports to both the left and right shoe in order to enable people to take photos using either of the two foot.

The company has termed the selfie clicked in this manner a "shoefie".

I'm sure that they will just slam their phones on the ground...

Miz Mooz said that the product was developed to offer a better solution to people than selfie-sticks, whose size was a major drawback for users. Watch it action below:


PS - It was indeed an April Fools' joke :P, did we get you on that one!?

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