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Whether we like it or not, life never waits for us and always drag us to tomorrow! The trick to an amazing life lies in tuning ourselves with its rhythm and beats. Appreciating each & every moment and to be thankful towards it, is the ultimate key to live and treasure life!

For those, who assume life to be short and no fun, they never really get the real taste of it. And those who know how to plan life, they get the most out of it and leads by examples. Even if they cannot do something today, they plan their tomorrows accordingly and fill-in their buckets with things they really want to do.

For such a passionate you, here are 20 mind blowing experiences that you must have in your bucket list:

  • Pedal Across Different Countries


    Boundaries and limitations cannot really bind a traveler! If you are a traveler at heart, you will break all the dogmas and limitations of the society today or tomorrow; does not matter you have to pedal across the boundaries and achieve your goal!

  • Conquer Any Of The Seven Summits

    m_Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits

    It’s the travel bug that don’t allow a traveler to relax and enjoy only the beauties of the meadows; they rise above all and witness the immaculate beauty of the nature on their own.If you also feel the travel bug in you, make sure you also conquer any of the highest summits in your life and discover the traveler in you!

  • Dive With The Monster

    m_Dive with a whale shark

    Do the undone before someone asks you when you will do it! Even if it is about diving or completing a lap with the monsters like sharks or a whale in the deep blue sea, make sure you have it on your bucket-list.

  • Hike to an active volcano

    m_Climb an active volcano

    To witness the daredevil in you, do something that others can’t even dream about! Climb up to an active volcano and out stand the rest in the queue.

  • Visit the North or South Pole

    m_Stand at the North or South Pole

    Unlike the rest of the world, a true traveler believe in only what they see, hear and sense on their own! Make sure, you visit the North or South Pole at least once in your lifetime and curate some of the fascinating stories for the next generation.

  • Hot Air Ballooning In Cappadocia, Turkey

    m_Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

    Travelling is not always all about adventure and thrill. At times, all you need is a blissful ride over the most captivating sights and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Hot air ballooning over the Cappadocia region in Turkey will introduce you to something that is no less than a fantasyland!

  • Volcano Boarding

    m_Volcano Boarding

    Be it on the land, water or in the air, nothing can break the enthusiasm or morale of an adventurer! And when it comes to volcano boarding, it is just another addition to your bucket-list.

  • Take a Jetpack Flight

    m_Jet Pack Flight

    Fly like a bird, feel the wind on your face, witness and enjoy the aerial views and give wings to your dream of flying with jetpack kit! Make sure, your to-do bucket has this and you surely take this flight at least once in your life!

  • Extreme Waterfall Kayaking

    m_Waterfall Kayaking

    Waterfalls signify tranquil beauty, openness and the fascinating creation of the nature! But when an adventurer gazes his/her vision on it, they create new pages in history by kayaking at the top and also inspire other adrenaline junkies to do the same.

  • Fly a Fighter Jet

    m_Fly a Fighter Jet

    When speed meets thrill in the sky, we call it a fighter jet! Flying at a supersonic speed, these flying machines are something that are heard and rarely spotted. Imagine flying such a speedy monster and having a tryst with the open-blue sky!

  • Do Nothing But Float In The Dead Sea

    m_Float in the Dead Sea

    At times, even doing nothing can be much more fun; considering you know where and how to do it! The Dead Sea is one such destination where, not just you, but even time will also float away within a blink of the eye.

  • Try Cliff Jumping

    m_Cliff Jumping

    The one who is as tough as the rock and transparent like the water, can achieve anything in life. Test your willpower and pump up your adrenaline level with a few rounds of cliff jumping! In case, you can’t do it right now, make sure you have it stuffed in your bucket-list.

  • Learn Muay Thai

    m_Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is not just a combat technique, it is more related to self-discipline, mental strength and self-defense method. Among your hectic schedules and other things-to-do, make it a note that you will grab in some Muay Thai lessons and make yourself more disciplined than you were before!

  • Wing Suit Base Jump

    m_wing suit base jump

    How often do you wish to fly? If your bucket-list has flying in it, you should probably not think about anything else and get a wing suit and try base jumping while on it!

  • Step Into A Cage With The Crocodile

    m_Cage of Death (Australia) @ Crocodile

    This is in fact not for the weak hearted! Spending time with the crocodiles; one of the most powerful jaws in the world, is not just enthralling, but also is a task that will find place in every adventure junkie’s bucket-list.

  • WhiteWater Rafting In Zambize River, Zimbabwe

    m_Whitewater rafting (Zambia)

    The Zambize River in Zimbabwe is an ideal destination for those, who like to test their own limits and challenge the ferocious white water. With plenitude of Grade-V rapids, the rafters can also expect a bit of intervention form the crocodiles while rafting in this river.

  • Cycling Through The Death Road, Bolivia

    m_Death Road cycle (Bolivia)

    Riding through this road in Bolivia needs a lot of guts and a bit of insane madness! If you think, you have both, this is indeed one of the fascinating things to add up in your bucket-list.

  • Night Skiing In Hokkaido, Japan

    m_Night skiing in hokkaido japan

    For some, this might be as crazy as hell, but the true adventure junkies will definite fall for it and add it to their bucket list! One amongst the few destinations that host night skiing in the world, Hokkaido in Japan is the most befitting place to be if want to try this unexpected activity.

  • Attend An International Music Festival

    m_Attend An International Music Festival

    Music knows no barrier and boundaries! Does not matter, what or where, but once the tune is on, everyone sings, dances and start jiving with the same rhythm and tune. Make sure, your bucket-list has an international music festival to attend at least once in a lifetime.

  • Leave Your Footprints On All The Seven Continents

    Set foot on each of the seven continents.

    Be it Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America or South America, the fun and excitement of travelling lies in stepping in each of the continents. Once done with leaving your footprints behind, you will discover the traveler in you!

We live only once; make sure you live it to the fullest. Be it today, tomorrow or the day after, do not stay back when it comes to fulfill your dreams and climb all the heights. You are awesome and so does your bucket list should be!

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