Some relationships are longer than other relationships. They aren’t just naive tie-ups that are soon bound to fall or lustful hook-ups with no emotion quotient in tow. They are the cocoon where an ever-lasting love nourishes and which cracks up to release the kind of bond even death fears to separate. It’s time you realise whether your relationship is the casual kind or the one that will last, and here’s a list of points that will help you identify if it’s the latter!


#1. You can be your ugliest self around each other and not fret about it.

Though dressing impeccably is a major concern while going out on a date with your partner, you aren’t afraid of the times when you just let your hair down and put forward your unkempt self. You appreciate, rather love, each other’s tiny imperfections and cease from dwelling on them. “You’re outside my house?” * wears sweatpants, grabs an over-sized hoodie, ties hair untidily and runs*


#2. You are a long way past regular insecurities.

When you catch him glimpsing an attractive girl who has just entered the restaurant, or see him deeply engrossed in conversation with a female friend or find him receiving multiple texts from a female colleague, it raises no muscle. You know that you might not be the center of their attention at the moment but you’re constantly on their minds. You couldn’t care less about however many pretty faces they cross throughout the day, because you know you’re the only one they’ll want to be with at the end.


#3. You no more save people as options or rebounds.

Remember those naïve times while you were in a relationship and some other guy/girl indicated to be having feelings for you, and though you didn’t quite feel the same way you secretly enjoyed it and tried not to put them off, all the while preserving them as options you could jump to if your current scenario didn’t work out? You NO MORE even think about doing something like that. You’re clear about your relationship status to everyone you meet and there no wrong signals exchanged.


#4. Your personality connects with theirs in a way it can’t with anybody else’s.

It’s like you can switch from discussing the scientific flaw due to which NASA’s rocket launch failed to the flavour of Ben Jerry’s you would most prefer in a matter of seconds. No eyebrows raised, no second thoughts. You can even go without conversing for an entire week and catch up like it was just minutes ago. You’re more like best friends, one movement of the face and you can assess what you’re partner’s been going through lately (with the minutest detail!)


#5. What you feel equals what you say.

You are done with beating around the bushes and providing puzzles instead of answers. When he inquires about what’s bothering you, you genuinely serve it to him right there in a platter, unaffected by however puerile or clingy you may appear. You don’t wait for him to sense the tension or decode a labyrinthine conundrum to reach to the conclusion to everything.


#6. The little things mean more than anything.

They may not have gifted you something fancily packed in shiny velvet on your birthday or thrown a huge bash when your relationship turned 3, but that is the least of your concerns. You still smile when you remember how they showed you off in front of their friends, or covered themselves in flour trying to bake a cake for you. The execution doesn’t matter, the intention does.


#7. They make you a better person.

Looking at their face makes you want to give up on your bad habits or guilty indulgences. You improve as a person in order to avail a brighter future for the both of you. They make you see beauty in everything around you, and your perspective of life as a whole goes through a lens of positivity. You stop nurturing grudges, try finding goodness in the ones you’ve forever hated and thrive on the philosophy of ‘forgive and forget!’



via youthconnectmag

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