21. The Painting That Changes Perspective


This painting by Brian Weavers is hanging up in the Gallery at Ice in Windsor in the UK.

It’s an example of reverspective 3D painting which creates a reverse three dimensional effect and shifts perspective, depending on the position you look at it. And you will agree that it totally mangles your brain.

20. Hidden Faces

Oleg Shuplyak


Oleg Shuplyak

These are examples of paintings by Ukrainian artist, Oleg Shuplyak.

All his paintings appear to be of faces until you take a closer look and find more hidden within the landscapes. It is well worth checking the rest of his body of work out.


19. The Never Ending Tea Cups


For most people, drinking tea might be a way to unwind and relax but this illusion instills no calming effects. This endless, spiralling loop will give even the most rabid tea lover nightmares.

Never ending and hypnotizing, watch it for too long and you might end up becoming reacquainted with your lunch.


18. Magic Mushroom Free Trip


Normally to achieve the kind of effect this illusion generates, you would need to take some sort of hallucinogenic. But follow the instructions in the video and you will will have a brief but trippy experience.

Stare intensely at the center of the eye and read the letters as they pop up, then when promoted, look away for the magic to happen. This is best viewed in full screen and in HD.


17. How Many Complete Circles?


This totally messes with your eyes. The contrasting black and white squares make it difficult to get a grip on what you are looking at.

There are complete circles in this photo, can you count how many?


16. Bug Eyed Celebrities


Another one that requires you to keep staring at the centre for the illusion to take effect. Keep looking directly at the cross and watch these famous faces change into bug eyed freaks in your peripheral vision.

A bit like walking through a hall of mirrors.


15. Which Direction?


As this train comes zooming through the tunnel, it becomes a repetitive, blurred patten. And with that, depending on how you look at it, your brain has a hard time figuring out which direction it’s going.

Is the tube train coming towards you or travelling away from you? It’s difficult to tell.


14. Uphill Waterfall


This is a 3D model of Escher’s waterfall by McWolles. M. C. Escher was a dutch artist who produced lithographs in 1961 showing a paradox where a waterfall appears to feed itself in a continuous loop. What makes the video so awesome is to watch it happen for real.

View it in full screen and witness water do the impossible.


13. Framed Cat


There is a current trend on the internet called ”Cat Circles.” You essentially draw a circle on the floor and watch your pet cat totally get confused by it. They think they are trapped by an invisible wall.

But the cat in the gif below is much smarter than that and isn’t prepared to be trapped. Not only is this captivating, it’s also very satisfying to watch for some reason. The attention to detail including the shadows on the cat is great.


12. Angry & Calm


This one shows how the brain takes in details from people’s faces. When you look at the picture below, the angry face is on the left and the calm face is on the right. But when you back away from the screen, the two faces should swap sides.

When you look at anything, you see the fine and coarse detail. But when you are close to something, the fine detail dominates and from a distance, the coarse details become dominant.


11. Mysterious Dot


This might look like some sort of loading indicator but this is pretty cool. Keep looking at the center of the picture and a green dot will appear that’s not really there.

In fact it’s an after image left in your eye. If you keep looking, all the purple dots should disappear.


10. Spinning Dancer


Similar to the endless tube train of doom from earlier. Again it’s hard to tell which direction the dancer is going.

Look closely at the spinning dancer and she should change from spinning clockwise to anti-clockwise.


9. Anamorphic Illusions


Anamorphosis is basically a distorted image or projection and in this case, the talented people from Busspup confuse you so you don’t know if what you’re looking at is real or not. You might have come across the effect through 3d street art.

Via the Brusspup channel on YouTube, your eyes will seriously be baffled by this.


8. Shade Illusion


Another video by Brusspup. This one highlights how your brain adjusts what you see to what it thinks you should be seeing.

The two squares are the same colour but because it doesn’t make sense to your brain, when the square is in shade, it alters your perception of the colour.


7. Optical Dice


This is another illusion where you could just follow it endlessly around.

Not only will you have no idea how the dice are stacked, the resulting effect is brilliant. Can you work out how the dice are formed?


6. Size Perception


Size is everything and so is perception. These dancers might all look the same size but look again.

Question raised from this illusion is whether the dancer at the front is freakishly tall or if the other dancers are tiny munchkins?


5. Magical Dominoes


This is similar to the anamorphic illusions but with a twist. Obviously there must be a clever edit somewhere where the fake dominoes are replaced with real ones, but it’s hard to see.

Maybe it’s real magic?


4. Different Coloured Boxes?


It is amazing how your brain can adjust an image to show you what it thinks it should be. Here a simple white dividing line changes the colour of the box at the bottom.

They are the same colour but on first inspection, they look different because to your brain, the colour and angle implies they should be.


3. Confusing Tower

Istvan Orosz

A reworking of the Möbius Strip by Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz. A Möbius Strip can be created by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop.

Like an infinity symbol, does it fold inwards or outwards? No matter how you look at it, your eyes can’t make sense of it.


2. Striped Magic


By moving the top layer, you control what the viewer sees and you can animate a quick optical illusion.

The Pac Man one is a favorite.


1. Nothing Is As It Seems


And finally, this advert from Honda. Honda can usually be relied upon to make adverts that are interesting to watch and this one is no different.

Using optical illusions to send out a message about perception around whether a car is fuel efficient, this might be an advert but it’s not an advert you want to fast forward or skip.


via whatculture

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