Monday, November 3, 2014

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14 Things Only A Guy Feels When His Best Friend Gets Married

“Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, and I have to go shopping for clothes”, said no guy ever. But each of us did join him in his happiness and we did think of the following 14 things when our best friend got married:

1. You cannot believe that your bhai is getting married

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“Yaar tu to bada hogaya.”

2. You start referring his fiancee as your bhabhi before he can call her his wife

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Bhabhi se kab mila rahe ho?


3. You don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear

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For all you know your best friend could care less if you turned up in beach shorts.


4. Even though he wouldn’t tell you, he’d expect you to get him some gift…

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… just so he can prove to his family and new wife that you are not completely useless.


5. More than the wedding and the show, you’d be worried about the bachelors’ party

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“Vegas chalte hain bhai.”


6. You discuss and ask permission to hit on all suitable girls from the bride’s side

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“What about Neha?” “No dude, she’s already engaged.” “Oh, okay. Never-mind then.”


7. The thought of free drinks makes your mind wander to a happy place

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And you have to constantly remind yourself that you’re here for your best friend’s wedding.


8. You make it a point to dance like crazy in his baaraat

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9. You avoid most relatives so that they don’t hand you work – you’re here just to enjoy with friends

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“Beta, car le ja aur Binny ke mama ke dost ko airport se pick kar le.” *At least I get to drive the car*


10. You are utterly confused about whom to give more importance – friend or food at wedding

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Friend wins in the end. Obviously.


11. You start thinking of ways to embarrass your friend in front of his new wife

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And all the embarrassing childhood stories are out now.


12. The thought of your marriage happening someday crosses your mind too

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But of course not so soon; you want to enjoy life to fullest for now.


13. You are already more than happy to welcome and accept his bride as a part of your group

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14. It’s a new beginning for your friend and deep inside you feel happy for him

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My best friend’s wedding must be a match made in heaven, but I want to make it one hell of a party for him.


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