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10. First Of All…It’s An Absolute Death Trap

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 ‘Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground. Oh, oh, trouble.’

You’re still grumbling from when you fell over last year and were left not only bruised but also very embarrassed. Just when you think you’ve got a good stride on, low and behold you’re back on your butt again.

9. Getting Out Of Bed Is The Hardest Thing To Do In The World

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Just five more minutes… just five more… wait, five more and you will be up for the day. Who can blame you really, for not wanting to get out of your nice warm bed and have to endure the agony of your toes on the icy floor or that ice box that is the bathroom. No thanks, bed for now until next Spring…


8. Wondering How People Can Actually Enjoy The Cold

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For winter-haters like yourself this means that you have to put up with a lot of happy fools surrounding you all the time. You can’t possibly see the fun in a snowball fight; a giant ball of freeze smacking you right in the face? No thanks.

You don’t enjoy sledging either because if you wanted to get cold and wet then you would have just jumped in an ice bath with all your clothes on.


7. Every TV Advert Is Slightly Psychotic

John Lewis
It’s not good that you find so many Christmas adverts very irritating because they are everywhere! Which then leaves you in a state of constant grumpiness for the entire season.

Will someone get that fluffy little penguin off your TV before you throw a shoe at the screen! It’s depressing.


6. You Feel Unwell All The Time

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Your nose is running and bright red. Your lips are chapped and sore. Your ears are aching and your hair is dry.

The most unattractive you ever look is around Winter time and you’re bright red eyes are constantly checking the calendar to see when all this is over.


5. It’s Very Expensive

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The heating is on double the time. All your subscriptions have doubled to support these extra nights in. A giant parka with scarf and gloves is ten times the price of shorts and a t-shirt.

Your bank balance has quadrupled in outgoings thanks to this horrific weather and it wasn’t even worth it.


4. You’re Constantly Exhausted

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There’s not enough sun to restore your daily energy. Walking anywhere weighed down by all your extra clothing is the hardest thing in the world. Constantly waking up in the night to blow your snotty nose is wearing you down.

Can humans hibernate? You just want waking up when this is all over.


3. It Causes You Feelings Of Misery

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Why is it always doom and gloom around winter time? You’re never feeling down when the sun is shining and you’re having a beer at a friends BBQ.

Actually no point thinking about happier times as you will just be feeling even more blue…


2. You’re Trapped In Your Own Home

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This is a hostage situation! There’s so much snow outside you can’t even get the front door open. Looks like you’re going to have to shovel your way out.

Finally making a path to the roads so you can stock up on food from the shops…wait, no they are closed too because of snow, snow, snow. The misery never ends.


1. Putting On The Pounds By The Truckload

You need comfort food now more than ever before. However, that means plumping up over the Winter season.

Calories are creepers and you don’t even realise how much you’ve over-stuffed your face until it comes to putting on your summer shorts again and the button pops off across your bedroom. Sigh.

What kind of problems does Winter bring for you? Have a good moan in the comments below…

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