Having the liberty to live by myself was something that I have always wanted. The freedom of doing what I want, when I want, with no one watching over me seemed like an awesome idea.

But when I had the opportunity to actually do that, things weren't quite what I had imagined they would be. Sometimes, you miss the feeling of being home, with your parents watching over you. Because the grass is always greener on the other side.

1. Since you don’t own the place, you can’t get as creative as you want with it


No painted walls, french windows, etc. And in worst cases, take permission from the owner to drill a nail into the wall.


2. Make room for judgemental neighbours who look at you wide-eyed when they see empty beer bottles outside your house



3. Sometimes you even have to deal with nosy or mistrusting landlords


They will never stop nagging you about you paying your rent on time.


4. Not to mention the rules and regulations your landlord lays down for you


No non-veg. No pets. No female/male friends (depending on what your gender is)


5. You have to endure a lot of stares from people when your friends come over


Especially, friends from the opposite gender.


6. Parking spots aren’t easily available


Be ready to shell out money to buy a spot for yourself.


7. Finding a roommate when the current one leaves is another issue


The interview, the constant worry about how well you will gel, et al. (What if the new fellow sleepwalks!)


8. Live-in relationships are a taboo


No one will look at you with a straight face. Or they’ll just bug you about your marriage license.


9. You don’t get similar privileges as the apartment owners


While they are allowed to use the amenities of the society, you have to pay up. It’s okay. I ain’t complaining.


10. You have to make sure to follow the guidelines of the society


It’s bad enough that they’re judging you for living alone, but you still have to pay fines.


11. You will always have to pay for society gatherings, even though you don’t want to



12. Getting your security deposit back when you vacate is another adventure..


..because your landlord might find the smallest of dents and decide against you getting it back.


13. Although living in rented homes might have downsides like these, living on your own teaches you the sense of independence and responsibility


It teaches you how to get along with people, tolerate neighbours, and a lot of basic skills that you wouldn’t normally learn sitting at home. It also gives you an opportunity to miss your parents.
And in spite of the trouble, living independent is pretty awesome. :)

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