Andrew and Gabriella Morrison finally had it with the stress of day-to-day life.

They felt life slipping away from them as they spent their time worrying about paying the never-ending bills each month.

Everyone can relate, but what are you really able to do about it?

The Morrison’s had a way out.

They decided to go against everything conventional and build their own mortgage-free tiny house, which they now fondly call hoMe.  

The Morrison’s said good-bye to their hefty mortgage and opted to downsize to a tiny house on wheels.tiny-house-cabin3

The small house includes all of the amenities found in a modern day home, including electricity and plumbing, but was only $33,000 total to construct. It’s not like the house on wheels is some hillbilly trailer. On the contrary, it’s incredibly cute!tiny-house-cabin5

It is made of light colored wood and has a darling red front door. There are windows of varies sizes dotting all sides of the cabin, granting those inside 24/7 views of scenic Oregon. Living in a cottage nestled up against the trees, natural light just pours in, offering gorgeous sights with every changing season.tiny-house-cabin6

Still, achieving a life with no mortgage and lower monthly bills took a lot of careful planning, in which the couple poured over every last detail. Including their daughter, fourteen year old Terra.tiny-house-cabin7

Teenagers don’t necessary like to live unconventionally, although Terra has few complaints. Her parents gave her something all teens dream about: her very own miniature cottage separate from the main tiny house.tiny-house-cabin8

Even surrounded by such beauty the couple didn’t want to sacrifice their own comfort and convenience. So they found a way to make every last centimeter of space functional, such as building cabinets throughout, narrow and nearly flush with the walls, so that everything has a designated spot.tiny-house-cabin9

On the first floor of the cabin there is a full-size kitchen with every necessary appliance, along with an eating area, love seat, bathroom and office. To the left of the front door is a wooden ladder leading up to one of the secondary lofts, which is used as a lounge area, music room and guest sleeping quarters.tiny-house-cabin10

Although, without any curtains, walls, or a door if you want privacy you might want to visit different friends!tiny-house-cabin11

On the other side of the Morrison’s hoMe is a set of built-in stairs leading up to the other loft where the couple’s bedroom is located.

The only real visible downside is that they have to crawl out of their bedroom to reach the landing where the stairs begin. If Andrew or Gabriella has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night they have to get out of bed, crawl onto the floor, and then walk down stairs with no railing.tiny-house-cabin12

Still, this puts little to no real stress on your body, while drowning in bills and debt can stress you out to no end. Seems like a pretty minimal problem for such an easy, carefree way of life.tiny-house-cabin13

A fact the couple readily agrees upon, in fact now that they live in their tiny hoMe, they can’t imagine ever going back to their old way of life.tiny-house-cabin14

They feel happier than ever, proof of this can be seen in photos of the couple kissing in front of their tiny home, obvious smiles on both of their faces.tiny-house-cabin15

They say they spend a lot more time having fun together now that they don’t have a mortgage, debt, or ultra high bills to bite their nails about.tiny-house-cabin16

The couple is currently working to spread their message around by offering a free e-course on how you can build your own tiny hoMe and live life to the fullest—mortgage free!   tiny-house-cabin17


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